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“Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) balances with Julie helped my son to focus in the classroom and during tests.  It made all the difference in his ability to be successful in his honors classes.  For me personally, balances helped me to deal with my emotional baggage and live a more conscious life.  This is an effortless and lasting way to create powerful changes in your life.”

-         Christy Kelso, Santa Barbara, CA



“I have been bringing my son to Julie since before he was born.  My first balance was in utero, one week before delivery, to clear my issue of having a first child and not knowing what to do with a baby at home all day.  My husband also participated in the balance.  My birth experience was so positive because of the balance, I had no fear about "what now"?...it has been joy ever since.  My son is eleven.

“I continued to bring my son to Julie over the years to balance issues of being bullied, coping with less than desirable teachers and hurdling math blocks.  My son has asked to see Julie several times because he knows her balances make a difference in his life.

“In addition, when my husband and I have been at a parenting crossroads and could not agree on some areas, we went to Julie to balance our issues around our son.  The Brain Gym balances give such clarity to the issues that afterward the direction seems so obvious and simple.

“We now have two more children, twin girls.  We have had issues surrounding their birth, their dynamics in the family and everything from not willing to crawl to lazy eye, motor integration and moving on to first grade.  Over the years we did consult various medical professionals but without Julie and the Brain Gym balances I cannot imagine how we would have dealt with and overcome these issues using traditional methods.  Brain Gym balances have been so effective with my children in keeping them on track and successful at home in the family and moving ahead in school.  I would highly recommend a Brain Gym balance for any child that is struggling with what might seem like insurmountable issues at home or in school.”

-         Devon H, Santa Barbara



“I have experienced Brain Gym balances first hand with Julie – deep, surprising, elegant in what looks to the outside like simplicity.  But we all know that someone who can make something complex look effortless is the sign of an artist.  An artist she is…and your life is the canvas.  Just watch what beauty inside of you she can uncover.

Julie has flown in to teach Brain Gym classes to my clients, classroom teachers, and new doctors.  People get more than they pay for.  She delivers in ways money can’t begin to measure.”

-         Phyllis Books, DC., CCN





“Julie is an enormously gifted and talented healer. Her powerful intuition combined with her depth of knowledge of Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym allow her to draw on numerous resources in her healing work. Julie’s natural compassion, caring, sincerity and boundless enthusiasm for helping others open a channel for an immense amount of healing energy to flow in the sacred space in which she does her healing. Julie goes the extra mile before, during and after her healing sessions. You know her commitment to your wellness transcends the generous amount of time she will spend with you – she is consistently present both during session time, as well as through follow-up telephone consultations. Julie’s generous heart is always abundantly open. If you are lucky enough to work with Julie, your life will be transformed, emotionally, mentally, physically – and spiritually. Julie has a rare gift – one that she generously shares with others.”

-         Laurie Baum, MSW, Psychotherapist, Astrologer, Author




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