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Educational Kinesiology:

Educational Kinesiology is an incredible system of work that allows you to move forward and reach your goals.  It reduces stress and allows you to shift more easily into the life you want to live.  Using the Brain Gym® activities with focused intention and attention helps you create new patterns.

Educational Kinesiology balances are powerful and fun.  People of all ages enjoy the experience and find they are able to be successful in areas that they once found difficult and frustrating.   I have worked with people from ages 3 to 80.  A 66 year-old client of mine was very dyslexic and didn’t believe he could read.  After the first couple of balances, he began reading with ease.

Educational Kinesiology is very powerful for shifting learning disabilities as it supports you to discover and learn in your own unique style. 

I utilize the Educational Kinesiology model to:

  • promote play and the joy of learning
  • draw out and honor innate intelligence
  • build awareness regarding the value of movement in daily life
  • emphasize the ability to notice and respond to movement-based needs
  • encourage self-responsibility
  • leave each participant appreciated and valued
  • empower each participant to better take charge of his own learning
  • encourage creativity and self-expression
  • inspire an appreciation of music, physical education and the fine arts


To learn more:  www.braingym.org.


For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Julie at (805) 963-3088 or email mesajewel@cox.net




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