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As a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor and Educational Kinesiology Consultant since 1993, I have facilitated hundreds of children and adults to learn more easily and to achieve success in their own goals.



Here, Julie speaks to what inspires her work:

Since childhood, I have been interested in assisting children with learning disabilities, as my younger brother was extremely dyslexic and hyperactive.  Not much was known about how to support children with these issues in the 1950s and 1960s and I saw him really struggle with reading, writing and just being in school.  He graduated from high school - but only through a continuation school that was just starting in the late 1960’s.  I wanted to learn how to make a difference for him and others like him.

When my own son was a freshman in high school, it became really clear to me that he was dealing with learning issues as well.  I had worked with him all the way through school and he was getting good grades, but I saw how difficult it was for him.  Discovering Brain Gym changed my son’s ability to learn.  It made such a huge difference that it seemed like a miracle to me.  I decided to get trained in this life-altering work.

My brother was 42 years old when he received his first “balance” from me.  He wanted to address his challenge with reading.  Learning had been so stressful for him that he couldn’t walk onto a school campus without experiencing panic and anxiety.  Now, he is an avid reader and has even challenged himself by enrolling in and completing a college-level English class.   What a joy for me to participate in such a profound and positive change!

I love this work.  It is fun, easy, and very honoring of the student/client.  Both of my children have chosen to take advantage of the work their mom does to succeed in their chosen fields.  They also regularly refer their friends to me.  To me, that speaks volumes.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Julie at (805)963-3088 or email mesajewel@cox.net



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